Adana @ Thomson - Award Winning development

Adana @ THomson Rooftop
Adana at Thomson is an award winning project of LEAF-Certified by Npark. Comprises 3 blocks of 5 storey, the blocks as connected so as to create more spaces for state of art condo facilities and landscaping.

Each apartment is positioned with greenery view of the verdant nature environment. From a top view, Adana @ Thomson resemble a connecting "corridor" from Thomson Road to the Lower Peirce Reservoir with its abundant greenery landscape that covers the rooftop. The rooftop has a mixture of water features, stone, trees, shrubs and composite timber. 

With 100% native plants at the development, Adana at Thomson is well surrounded by nature from the ground. The Creeper Cissus Nodosa serve as a sun shade as it creep up the west facade. 

Some other Native trees include
  • Fagraea Frangras (Tembusu)
  • Cissus Nodosa (Creeper)
  • Alstonia Angustiloba (Common Pulai)
With Lower Peirce Reservoir as your neighbour, adopt a healthy lifestyle as you take a stroll, jog or cycle with your family. A lifestyle for the privilege few.